IMG_3940I will follow you into the dark…standing in a puddle for two hours…on concrete for 8…and after almost getting trapped to death by thousands of drunk and high pretenders who don’t like Death Cab for Cutie nearly as much as us.

My main squeeze and a couple of our dearest friends caught Day 2 of the May Boston Calling Music Festival and I think the experience can be summed up a simple haiku.

Painful and wet feet

Terrible food, pricey beer

Totally worth it

The musical acts can’t be touched for the Boston music scene and I would stand int the rain and the cold to see that set of Death Cab for Cutie again and again. But I have to say I was extremely disappointed with the selection of eats, especially in a town several fancy food rags have called a culinary Mecca. I would have given my last emergency rain poncho for a shish kebab.

Posers in downtown

Sweatbands not required, bro

Here for music, you?

The crowd. Not what I would call festival folk. I think a downtown venue lead to a mix of people less die-hard indie fan, with their classic calm/stoned establishment may care attitudes, and more frat boys and vapid princesses wanting to show off their 70s inspired floppy hats. Nothing illustrated this more than the idiots with umbrellas in the crowd. Umbrellas! And you with the big ears and the 7 foot stature? Let that 5-foot nothing girl stand in front of you. Gees!

Standing on concrete for the equivalent of a work day was the sojourn I expected, but man was I sore!

Walk the heart-new love

Death Cab set was a beauty

Jenny Lewis-new jams

The music. Oh, the music. I was skeptical of the two stages being so close together, but it totally worked and switching back and forth between the two was easy. The line up was fantastic as promised, but the execution of each show was great and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had been craving a live Death Cab fix that television could satiate and this was it.

But I would NEVER go for three days. Call me an old foggie. Call me a festival snob. Just don’t call me Boston Calling diehard. But, I will be back for another single day appearance in September.

Take me to England

I’m afraid of everyone

This is the last time